Thursday , May 25 2017
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RIL to emerge as second largest producer of Para-xylene

Reliance Industries (RIL) is set to emerge as the second largest producer of Para-xylene (PX) in the world, as the company is set to commission one of the largest and integrated Ethylene crackers. The company is executing major projects in its energy and materials chain at Jamnagar covering Para-Xylene, Cracker complex along with downstream plants and Gasification. The company has commissioned the second and final phase of Para-xylene (PX) comprising of PX Crystallizers trains, Trans-alkylation and Aromatic Extraction units at Jamnagar.

These projects will add significant value to Reliance’s Refining & Petrochemical business and enable Jamnagar complex to achieve energy self-sufficiency. The benefits of integration at the Jamnagar complex will set a new paradigm of scale and value addition in the Refining and Petrochemicals industry.

Para-Xylene, Cracker and downstream projects (MEG, Linear Low density and Low density Polyethylene) as well as Gasification which is linked to RIL’s DTA refinery, have now been installed, mechanically complete and are in various stages of pre-commissioning and commissioning.

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