Monday , May 1 2017
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Horror movies help identify how brain processes fear, anxiety

Scientists have used scenes from horror movies to identify a key neural pathway in humans that explains how our brain processes feelings of fear and anxiety, a finding that could help unlock new ways to treat mental health disorders. People are motivated to remember fearful events, because this information is ... Read More »

Indian scientists detect crack in Earth’s magnetic shield

The world’s largest and most sensitive cosmic ray monitor, located in India, has recorded a burst of galactic cosmic rays that indicates a crack in the Earth’s magnetic shield, according to scientists. he burst occurred when a giant cloud of plasma ejected from the solar corona struck Earth at a ... Read More »

Why women gain weight after pregnancy decoded

Ladies, take note! A steady weight gain even after pregnancy may be a result of your lifestyle choices, such as eating your child’s leftovers and spending more time in sedentary activities like reading or watching movies with kids, scientists say. Olga Yakusheva, an associate professor at University of Michigan in ... Read More »

Yoga may help combat depression: study

Participating in yoga and deep breathing classes twice a week along with home practice may effectively reduce the symptoms of depression, a new study claims. The findings provide support for the use of yoga-based interventions as an alternative or supplement to pharmacologic treatments for depression, researchers said. “This study supports ... Read More »

We may be hardwired to appreciate poetry: study

Human brain may be hardwired to appreciate poetry even if it struggles to comprehend its meaning, a new study suggests. Researchers at Bangor University in the UK have demonstrated that we do indeed appear to have an unconscious appreciation of poetic construction. “Poetry is a particular type of literary expression ... Read More »

Rare ‘Indian fritillary’ spotted in Udaipur

Udaipur : A rare species of butterfly has been reported after many years in Udaipur. Argynnis hyperbius or the Indian fritillary, is a butterfly of the Nymphalid or brush-footed butterfly family that were seen long back, claimed scholars researching on butterfly species in the region. A research scholar Neha Manohar spotted the colourful ... Read More »

Axing of trees kill large flock of birds in Dungarpur

Udaipur : The unwise act of axing down few trees without taking into consideration the number of avian flock nesting in them proved fatal on hundreds of birds of White Ibis and Cormorants species in Dungarpur on Saturday. Many of them were injured and even more were rendered homeless as their ... Read More »

One among India’s four impact craters in Raj, lies forgotten at Ramgarh

Udaipur : Though it is one among the four impact craters known in India, the curious ring-like structure at Ramgarh, a settlement located in Baran district about 110 kms  east northeast of Kota city,  is hardly known to the general public. Reason is quite clear. Even after 147 years of its discovery, ... Read More »